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7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy!

Practical techniques and step by step instructions that take only a few minutes a day to help you boost your energy levels.

Just £49
Feeling tired - Skyrocket your energy

Is this you?


Are you feeling tired and drained, even after sleep?



Do you feel overwhelmed?



Does your mind race, so that you can’t switch off?



Do you worry about the smallest things?



Do you struggle to eat healthily and find yourself reaching for quick snacks?


Would you like to leap out of bed ready to face the day

Have the energy to enjoy life, do everything you want to

and still keep going until bedtime?


If you’d like to get your energy back, sleep better and switch

off that overactive mind, then this is the programme for you.

Boost energy levels - Skyrocket your energy

Skyrocket your Energy in just 7 days

with our simple easy to follow programme

What is included in the programme?

You will be provided with simple step by step instructions, both written and on video to show you a range of techniques to help increase energy levels and reduce stress. These easy to follow techniques can be done at home and only take a few minutes a day.

Day 1 – Kick Start the Day Learn importance of staying hydrated and breathing correctly. Boost energy levels using acupressure points and get the lymph flowing with self massage techniques.

  • Water for life
  • Breathing well
  • Acupressure points
  • Neck massage

Day 2 – Sleep Soundly, Wake Refreshed Juicing recipes, relaxation techniques and methods to help you improve your sleeping patterns.

  • Why Juice
  • Feel calm and positive
  • Acupressure points for sleeping
  • Cold showers

Day 3 – Ditch the Stress Learn techniques to help you feel calmer, relaxed and more motivated.

  • Delicious additions to water
  • Elbow breathing technique
  • De-stress
  • Head massage

Day 4 – Focus on concentration Learn how to use techniques for concentration, focus and mental energy.

  • Energy Salad
  • Power Walking
  • Quick energy boost
  • The shoulder squeeze

Day 5 – Activate your Energy Systems Techniques and food to energise your whole body.

  • Smoothies
  • The 4 energy thumps
  • Foot massage
  • Relief from sinus congestion

Day 6 – Detox Day Self massage techniques, acupressure points and foods to help detox.

  • Soup recipes
  • Tarzan Thump
  • Detox points
  • Abdomen Rub

Day 7 – Fighting Fit for the Future Learn about mindfulness and acupressure points to boost the mind and body.

  • Chocolate recipe
  • Boost your brain
  • Energy Acupressure points
  • Being at one with nature

When you commit to following the Skyrocket your Energy

programme for 7 days for £49 then you’ll be on your way to:

Only £49


Having more energy to face the day



Improving your sleep quality



Feeling calmer and less stressed about the little things



Able to “switch off”



Feeling mentally alert with better concentration



Plus eating more healthily


Introducing your Energy Lifestyle Experts

We are four professional women who are passionate about helping people just like yourself to help regain your energy and vitality – so you feel fantastic! We’ll give you step by step instructions that show you practical techniques which become a basic toolkit for the rest of your life.

Karina Clappison

Karina Clappison

Natural Health Nutritionist

Karina is a country girl, cancer survivor and a lover of the wildness of nature.
Natural Food Habit Artiste’. She teaches healthy habit tactics to nourish you from the inside out. Her guidance is made into doable and easy daily regimes so you can sustain a lifestyle with high energy and fun and feel a new found personal confidence.
She offers personal one to one coaching for professional women who recognise that great health & energy is vital to business success. She is an expert in moving clients into action and so achieving their personal best.

Janet Illidge

Janet Illidge

Stress Management and Relaxation Specialist

Stress expert Janet will guide you through some simple, yet extremely effective techniques that you can use for reducing your stress levels, enabling you to feel calm, relaxed and able to deal with the challenges of daily life. This is a unique programme that boosts your energy levels and allows your mind and body to work as a team and helps you to get your ‘mojo’ back.

Linda Hoyland

Linda Hoyland

Vitality Specialist

Linda understands how chronic stress can lead to further physical ill health which depletes energy levels even more. Linda will guide you through various simple techniques which will help your body release toxicity and so re-energise itself. Not only will your energy levels improve but you will feel much stronger on all levels when facing daily lifestyle stresses.

Julie Allison

Julie Allison

Massage Therapist

Julie is dedicated to helping you discover how the power of self-massage combined with extremely simple detox techniques will work to rid your body of unwanted toxins and release all the built up tension in your tissues to give you a sense of a new found energetic freedom so you can go and do all the things you love without letting life drag you down.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve finished the week now and have noticed a definite improvement in my energy levels. It was put to the test when my daughter had a sleepover so we got very little sleep. However, I seemed to cope well the next day and couldn’t believe how awake I felt. I want to keep it up to see if my energy levels can improve even further.”

Lisa, East Yorkshire

“This programme has really helped me to get back on top of my health and feel more energetic.  I have two children, a stressful job and part time studying, so I often felt exhausted and had trouble sleeping.  In the past I have started out with good intentions to change my lifestyle and manage stress but have found it hard to carry these intentions through because of my busy lifestyle.  Because this programme is just one week and made up of brief exercises, I have been able to incorporate it into my daily life in a realistic way.  The activities were simple but effective.  Some of these I have now part of my daily routine. Other techniques are in a toolkit that I dip into whenever I need them, such as using the destress acupressure points before going into stressful meetings or hook-ups.  Because they are quick and easy to use, I can just find a quiet corner during my working day and then do some massage or acupressure to help get me back on track – I’m sure my co-workers have noticed a difference!  What I really love about skyrocket is the holistic approach to healthcare, including nutrition, massage, acupressure and breathing techniques.  I think this all-round approach has helped me to see benefits a lot more quickly.  After just a couple of days I had a noticeable detox reaction which then helped me feel more refreshed and healthy afterwards.  Although this plan didn’t require me to make radical changes to my lifestyle, I found that a lot of my bad habits (chocolate and caffeine addiction) just naturally fell away.  Thank you to the energy lifestyle team for helping me to feel more in control of my health.”

Charlotte, East Yorkshire

Being a very keen runner and martial artist I have always looked to the holistic world for help and advice especially in the area of energy reserves, energy boosts and keeping my energy up when I’m pushing my body hard.

The first thing I increased was my water intake, yes I did notice I went to the toilet more at first but as the body starts to absorb the extra daily litres, I noticed a number of amazing positive things happen. 1. I felt less tired. 2. I had more energy throughout the day. 3. I looked this up as it seemed strange, but my breathing and chest seemed more relaxed and found out that the lungs need water every day to just operate, 4. My body had less aches after running and training and again read a topic online how the lactic acid build up in training is diluted (makes sense).

I have struggled with anxiety for many years, and breathing is a very important part of controlling the attacks, as soon as I retrained my body to breath correctly in activity 2 my body became more relaxed and in sync with all the other parts. I would have never thought that when you feel tired or feel sluggish, the quickest way to re-energise is to stop and take a few long, deep breaths, but it does work and especially before exercise in my case.

As for the rest of the daily programmes, each day seemed to just add to the first day, so the foundation was in place and as I worked through the pressure points and head rub, the amazing recipes which are so easy to prepare and have ready the night before, I notice a massive increase in mine and my families well being.

My favourites have to be the Tarzan thump and abdomen rub as well as the brain buttons which work so well in the morning before I go to work, especially if I know I’m in a number of meetings and need to be alert. The great thing about these techniques are that you can continue doing them while in the meeting and it doesn’t look strange.

All in all since completing this programme and most importantly continue to do it week in week out, pulling on things which work the best for yourself and using them at times like the meetings to keep you focused and alert. The body is an amazing thing and it has the internal power to heal itself and the brain can be the ultimate medicine cabinet dispensing what you need and when you need it with a little help from programmes like this.

Thank you so much


Even though I haven’t kept to the whole programme these are a few things that I have done and love and definitely have more energy.
I am making sure I drink a lot more water before i never bothered drinking any.
Have been using the acupressure points in fairness I am only doing this once a day but usually on an evening and I feel holding the hipbone works best for me, I also do the neck acupressure points before I go to bed, I seem to get to sleep a lot quicker!!
Use this every morning turn the shower to cold after a hot shower, definitely feel very alert after this!!


Skyrocket your Energy for only £49